"... To promote friendship, peace 
and harmony between peoples, 
open minds and respect for each other." 

Statutes of Caici


Open letter to

Dear Prime Minister

Boris Johnson,


We wish you a complete improvement in your health and congratulate you for your kindness in thanking the British public system for the attention, care and efficiency with which they face the pandemic and serve all people, regardless of backgrounds and social classes.
The world is in an exceptional situation, which leads us to a personal reflection on life and a collective feeling of solidarity.

The United Kingdom is one of the nations whose people pride us for combativeness throughout history, overcoming difficult times and collaborating so that humanity will always walk towards high degrees of civilization, never going backwards.

I am president of an association that defends friendship between peoples, openness of mind and respect for others.
In 2015 in New York, I saw posters around the city advertising a radio station, with a photo of a former US president. The sign said "listen to this radio to find out the truth. This man next door was responsible for the deaths of 150,000 innocent American because of a lie".
The genius of the American people summed up in a poster, as common sense, the truth that today is part of history. Even a French Catholic magazine, such as "Current Values", on one of its covers, considers that journalist Julian Assange is a victim of circumstances and persecution by the United States.

What example can we set for others, when we question certain countries about transparency in the face of a health issue, if in a democracy we have a journalist arrested precisely for having divulged a truth, now recognized by the very people whose government condemns him?

The world knows and admires the prime minister's role in the conduct of state affairs and international politics, even in times of war, which made possible the courageous and providential performance of a personality like Winston Churchill, in another dramatic era.
Like important human rights and democratic organizations, including the United Nations Group on Arbitrary Detention, we serve you, humbly and with all respect, to ask you to deign to act, within the limits of the law, so that Julian Assange regains the freedom he has been deprived of since 2012.

Thank you for your attention, sensitivity and support for a cause that currently concerns a large part of humanity.

Paris 2020-04-19

Wilson T. Silva
78 Boulevard Diderot Paris 75012
CAici - Castro Alves International Cultural Institute - President

In the middle of the Fontainebleau Forest, a charming city, Bois le Roi. And in the middle of this city, a magic house. And inside this house, an alchemist of words and stories, Dylan Ravec. From the detective novel to the memories of an inner-city doctor (Quoi de neuf, docteur?) to an initiatory romance set in the middle ages (Le Pont-levis), Dylan Ravec has made his home, his city, and the forest the barn for characters and stories that can make days and hours of travel in moments of enchantment, knowledge and fun.

L'Alchimiste de la forêt

 «Les écrivains sont précieux, car ils savent choses que la sagesse ne rêve pas encore. Ils sont, dans la connaissance de l'âme, nos maîtres, car ils boivent à des sources pas encore accessibles à la science.» Avec cette pensée de Sigmund Freud, une commission d'écrivains, poètes, professeurs et artistes, ont rendu visite au écrivain Dilan Ravec, en le remettant le titre de «L'Alchimiste de la forêt». Pseudonyme de Daniel Vrac, qui a exercé la médecine pendant plus de quarante années à Bois-le-Roi, Dilan Ravec est l'auteur de romances historiques, de mémoire et policier, et il a reçu cette définition du groupe: « Il y a une infinitude d'arbres dans la forêt. Mais il n'a pas un talent comme Dilan Ravec en chaque coin.» Un réalisateur a profité pour faire interviews destinés à un film documentaire sur l'écrivain.



                    is memory: Visit to Mont Valerie (Suresnes) 

CAici Castro Alves International Cultural Institute
CAici is action: AIL Festival

Sasha, What Is To Be Done?
CAici is the debate: Seminary in Sorbonne, Paris

Deputée Anne Blanc

Life is the art of meeting, said the
great poet Vinicius de Morais.

Anne Blanc, President of the France-Brazil Friendship Group of the French National Assembly, Annaîg Le Meur (Secretary of the French National Assembly) and Sébastien Cazenouve (Chairman of the Planning Group) were honored by the CAici (Institut International Culturel Castro Alves), at the Orphée Bar Club in Paris. Not even the record heat in the French capital took away the brightness of the night. In pictures, alongside the parliamentarians, CAici President, W. Tede Silva, Jean-Pierre Guis, the former secretary of the City of Paris 12, Yann Daydé, musician and actor, the singer Zeca Costa and the singer Elodie Tretout, and Déleia Vasconcelos and Delúcia Narciso, directors of CAici.



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