Alternative, independent
and libertarian Festival

AIL 2016

With the screening of 15 short films, held in Paris the AIL 2016 - Alternative, Independent and Libertarian festival 2016. 146 films were received by the organizing committee.
"The quality of work shows the creativity and vitality of short film, enriched by the participation of filmmakers from several other sources, such as Belgium and Japan," said the Brazilian producer Deléia Vasconcelos.
The producer noted that the idea of the festival came during a seminar held in Paris last year, with the participation of Brazilian and French. A project was approved by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil, for the event to be held in the city of Palmas, in the Brazilian Amazon. The political crisis, a coup and a conservative and reactionary wave that spread by Brazil, led the organizers to finally hold the event in Paris.
"It was difficult to choose the most important, is that the level was very good, in the spirit of the original proposal. The event can become a tradition and present itself as a new wave, since the independent production is nourishes and strengthens the cinema as a whole. "said the producer.
Voltaire Award for Best movie: "Au fond du trou," by Gilles Martinez and Fabrice Herbaut.
Victor Hugo Award for Best Actor: Syd Alexander in "You tournes around at night and you are devoured by the fire."
Louise Michel Award for Best Director : Bénédicte Loyen, for "Marauder".
Alexandra David Neel Special Award : Michele Levy, for "Mobile Connect".

 Seminars and visits

Visit to the National Assembly, with deputy Carlos da Silva.

With deputy Sandrine Mazetier 

 Hermano Sanches    
"The City and the World": 
How to bring quality of life to all the cities without spending much.

Jean Pierre Guis

Bordeaux 2012

Cidades homenageadas



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