CAici is a civil institution ,  nonprofit nonpartisan for the defense of peace , respect, friendship   and integration among the 

people . 

How did the idea ?

In 2003 founders of CAici attended the European Social Forum and the Forum of Local Administrations in Paris, Saint-Denis, Bobigny  and Yvri. In 2007 they felt it lacked a non governementale organization to promote exchanges on literature, architecture, poetry, theater, public and private administration, to work with the development, growth and harmony between peoples. 

Why Castro Alves?

The poet Castro Alves is a representative of the consciousness of solidarity with the humble, self reconnaissance and openness to other , knowledge and under diversity. The question of integration between people remains a major challenge. 

What are the activities?

Events, films, books, entertainment, research, the reality of studies and surveys on quality of life, cultural activities for cities through a group of participants and correspondents in all continents. An annual seminar with the aim of possibiliter a forum for discussions and to contribute to the exchange of experience of management and innovation between public and private managers, a way to keep in touch with the personalities involved in the process development.


A tribute to Charles

Charles Melchior Molènes, 
President of Honour


"A new star that guides us 
and joins us now»

         Author of an important work for the construction of European federalism ( Europe Strasbourg ), law professor, militant associations, a "bookworm", like most of his friends.

         Charles Melchior Molènes leave as inheritance, an exemplary life of humanist scholar, practitioner of the most authentic principles that constitute a constant challenge to give meaning to the word humanity: freedom, equality, fraternity.

          Facilitator, collaborator, honorary president of the Institute Castro Alves, for years he generously devoted to the weekly meetings, participated in all events. 

          Charles, you have proven that yes, there is a universal language: the brotherhood, love and friendship between peoples. Thank you, friend, companion, brother!

          So said the president of the Association of the Lycée Pasteur in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, Frédéric Goldberg, in tribute to his funeral, "... a new star guide us now."


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